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Hello loyal readers and new followers,

Just wanted to drop a quick note about a great site, – your one stop guide to Israel.

For those of you just passing through on vacation, or thinking of immigrating, or even to those of you just plain curious, this site is your reference point for all things good and bad about the Holy Land.

From commonly asked questions like, ‘is Israel safe to visit?’ to articles about ‘dealing with the Israeli taxman!?’- IgoogledIsrael answers them all! is written and designed largely by Ashley, an ex-Brit who came to Israel for two months and ended up staying 18 years. With superb assistance from the creme de la creme of Israel’s top bloggers, who have also experienced the ultimate reality show that is Israel, will keep you coming back for more and more.

And of course we can’t forget that yours truly got a post published about them on the site. Check it out, its very exciting ☺

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