Finally winter is here, and on a rainy day there is nothing better to do then XSRZ yourself with the coolest things from the accessories market in Tel Aviv this weekend. Yesterday, we braved the rain and fished out our favorite things. First things first, the full event info can be found here. The event runs until November 5th, 2011.

This time, the market is arranged into 5 sections, which we think made browsing for something specific much easier: by going to that type of accessory’s designated area – thumbs up to the new arrangement!

Malinca makes swirly goodness with these plastic coated goodies. She paints a large “canvas” so when it runs out, there will never be more purses exactly like it. They are stimulating to the senses both look and feel. Sonya couldn’t resist and bought one of these colorful beauties.

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Stella and Lori are two sisters who hail from the new design school- The Guild. Tea feel in love with this over size canvas carry all with leather trim that would fit all your essentials for everyday shlepping.

stella and lori

stella and lori

Meanwhile, Dreed found this satchel style bag from Stella and Lori in blue Ostrich leather- what a killer combo, you can’t go wrong! And of course it comes in a range of colors and textures.

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Stella and Lori

This versatile Bellinky bag serves all your purposes: laptop carrier, converts to backpack, and can be folded down to a regular sized purse. A multipurpose bag can never grow old for us!

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Medusa has a new addition, and it’s a smart look indeed! Meet “Slim” (we are in love)! The front features a diamond pattern panel that the girls mold themselves, and the back is a full panel of blue diamond molded plastic- hurry up before it’s sold out, there are only a few left! Medusa has been working hard and produced a wonderful array of small bags, clutches, and wallets.

Medusa's latest addition

Medusa's latest addition

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Here’s another beautiful model from Medusa. Dreed was drawn to the blue / tan combo, but if you know Medusa, you know they come in every color in the rainbow!

Visit Medusa’s page for store locations and hours Page



The ever wacky and wonderful Liat Ginzburg makes heads turn and necks snap every time, and this lego house pendant statement necklace doesn’t disappoint!


Liat Ginzburg

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liat ginzberg

liat ginzberg

This rocker chic metal bracelet from Misto has an interesting paint texture that looks like snake skin. Misto’s pieces are definitely statement makers that feature a variety of textures, and her chunky chains come in an assortment of interesting combinations.

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Enter the world of Doberman by Shlomi Azouley, a steampunk heaven. Everything is made from old clocks / watches and he also has many vintage wrist watches that are major arm candy. Those delicate golden watches are perfect for stacking on to your bracelets for some major wrist style.

Related: Shlomi is also from The Guild and designed some pretty incredible shoes and bags that we spotted at the Guild exhibit.

Check out this stunning statement wear below! and visit his Facebook group.



FoolMoon, by Valerie had the perfect little briefcases in many colors and textures. They even have a lock and key- perfect for your inner professor!

full moon

Full Moon

Lilla My always makes us happy. There is always a surprise on her table for us, whether it’s her colorful swallows, guitar pick charms, or photo printed lips- they never fail to put a big smile on our faces!

Check out her Facebook page

Lilla my

Lilla My

Lilla My

Lilla My

Osnat Har Noy has an architectural mind and her 3D forms will take you back to the days when you learned to draw a 3Dsquare for the first time- we love her structured designs. She brings something new and surprising to the table every time!

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Osnat Har Noy

Osnat Har Noy

Mors (formerly MorVeYos) had the cutest arrays of cropped sweaters (AKA the Tel Aviv Winter jacket). This particular one was a lovely wool camel one with stunning texture! One would definitely get a lot of wear out of it.

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Yael Keila Sagi (her necklace was the XSRZ market poster child) has emerged on the scene with some seriously eccentric neck candy. Each is a work of art and features tassels, rope, chains, and more. It’s very in tune with the S&M trend that is popular this season, but completely fresh! We will surely keep our eyes on her, she’s one talented designer.

Visit her work on her Website

Yael Keila Sagi

Yael Keila Sagi

Yael Keila Sagi

Yael Keila Sagi

Yael Keila Sagi

Yael Keila Sagi

Sometimes it was too hard to catch a photo, but there were a few more worth reporting here:

Don’t miss Wild thing– wild jewelry, fun and with a statement- these small beauties just prove that you don’t need to be big to be bold!

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Sara Ganot‘s leather jewelry, has an interesting collection of leather that is suited perfectly to the chilly weather outside, and if you are not brave enough to work a leather pant or skirt, you can pump up your style with one of these!

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If you are bored with the traditional tights, and want to spice up your legs- get a pair of Zohara tights and brighten up your day.

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We have had a long time crush on Frog‘s exquisite textile scarfs and versatile clothing collections. We love her sea inspiration and her innovative mind.

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O-Shan has a new stunning Winter collection in soft fabrics, and is very “in” with the choker trend, with the necklace below. This collection features fab materials, quality and variety, from ornate Art Nouveou to Geometric minimal, from tribal to feline inspired. There’s no limit to what Shelely Leemor can churn out!

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After Tea got caught in the pouring rain and had to swim all the way to the XSRZ Market, she saw these strong, solid beauties from Umbrella, and immediately grabbed one. It’s time for Umbrella generation 4.0, Tea is now ready for any downpour that comes her way.

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