It was a brisk chilly morning in Nazareth and four Jewish girls and their escort were in search of Jesus on Christmas day– Stam! No really, two lovely Dreed*Tea girls, a couple of other fashionistas, plus one extremely patient husband decided to take a trip from the busy city of Tel Aviv and go in search of Christmas in the Holy Land.

*Hummus and Bling-Bling

After all, Jesus was Jewish, right? So who says that we can’t enjoy beautiful Christmas lights and songs amidst our own beautiful holiday of lights? Who says you can’t live it up, and while you’re at it, make a Christmas fashion show out of it?

And so we did! Pushing through the bling bling we started out the day by tearing through our suitcase that was filled with tons of fabulous vintage items from, Guy Gil, to create our hardcore fashion look in Nazareth. We each demurely chose just one item to start and off we went to the Cathedral of The Annunciation

Inside this enormous church, we wandered around finding it difficult to choose just one spot to take pics.

Between the elaborately colored stained glass and the many rows of pews, we ran around like little church mice posing for this and that!

After we inhaled a bit of culture, we ventured off to what turned out to be our favorite thing- the Nazareth market! There we stumbled across a tiny hole in the wall coffee shop.

Really it was like stepping back in time whence we entered Fahoum’s coffee shop.

As the architecture in the church had been a magnificent feast for the eyes, Fahoum’s was a splendid assortment of delicious spices to smell and to taste. They welcomed us in and we spent almost an hour just in this tiny shop playing amongst the wares.

At this time the sun was nearly setting and we found ourselves famished. We’d been having so much fun in Nazareth that we hadn’t even noticed our stomachs rumbling.

So off we went, sauntering on down the streets until our tiny procession finally came upon Elamal Restaurant.

After filling our bellies to the utmost with delicious foods and teas, we took our tiny parade out into the streets for one last “harah” to the starry filled nights of the dark and sparkly side of fashion, a Christmas in Nazareth!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Fashionably Fabulous New Year! 2012 here we come!

Photography: Michell Halpern and Eitan Brucker
Concept: Adi Dagan & Michell Halpern
Writer: Ariana Richmond
Models: Adi Dagan, Nohar Ben-Asher, Ariana Richmond and Michell Halpern
Cloths: Gorillot (Red Sweaters), Marilyn H’auvati
Jewelry: Guy Gil (Earrings, Necklace), Hagit Fink (Ring)
Hummus and Bling Bling Logo: Adi Dagan

We would like to thank to:
Guy Gil
Hagit Fink
Fahoum Coffee Family
Elamal Restaurant Abu Haled


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