We are in love! These architectural looking wood clutches are constructed from 100% wood. While the geometric surface design provides necessary flexibility, the wood texture is soft to the touch, at once both delicate and wear resilient. These beauties will cost you from $420-$500- however that’s because this is a luxury item! Each clutch is individually and meticulously hand crafted to a high quality standard and packaged in its own handmade wooden case.

Featuring a hidden magnetic clasp that closes silently, the geometric underbelly of the clutch provides flexibility and softness for a comfortable grip while the surface is sturdy and wear-resilient. The lining is made of black dyed leather. Due to the natural grain and tone changes in wood, each clutch will differ slightly and no two will ever be identical.

Where to get it

Tesler+Mendelovitch are selling these amazing beauties at Not Just a Label.
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