This year we were treated to two shows featuring brand new, up-and-coming designers. First there was the WIZO Academy students show followed by the “Renuar- Fresh Talent” later in the day. As would be expected from shows featuring many different new designers, there was a mixed bag of freshness, cheekiness, excitement, and bizarreness. Some of the more popular themes were: mixing prints and colors, the use of unexpected fabrics (wool for spring anyone?), exaggerated shapes (this was a popular one starting with the shoulders and working its way down to the hips), and last but not least- the use of cardboard (yes you read that right).

Its difficult to boil either one of these shows down to one cohesive idea or impression, since they weren’t very cohesive, but how could you with 5-10 designers displaying their own specific vision. That said, it is always exciting and inspiring to see new talent emerging and developing right before your eyes.

Now for the fun part: judge for your self and tell us YOUR impression of the pics/video below.

WIZO Academy students show

Renuar – Fresh Talent


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