When I arrived in Tel Aviv I stumbled upon a few tents grouped on Rothschild Boulevard, now almost two weeks later this has developed and flourished into an inspiring showcase of real people standing up to their government in a powerful yet peaceful protest.

What begun as a protest against the soaring housing and rent prices has now uncovered the widespread social struggles many experience living here in Israel. There is growing public anger over perceived social inequality, injustice and corruption.

When you walk down Rothschild Blvd today you see the unity of people here all sharing the same experience together. This represents the the joint struggle of many trying to live in Israel today.

The fashion industry in Israel is truly unique and what is most inspiring, is to see so many new graduates, being able to open up their own shops and sell their creations at reasonable prices and of good quality. If the current economic situation carries on as it has done so, this will no longer be achievable. So we hope that you will continue to support Israel’s finest talents as we don’t want the country to lose its deep involvement in design and culture- bring on the social change, we say!

Take Action!
By Orly Kuperard from the blog Light & Dew


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