Dreed*Tea was commissioned to style and shoot for Punchaos 2012 jewelry collection! We had a blast with the designers- Yuval Sharon and Jessica Fattore. We visited them in their studio the day before their shoot, amongst piles of eye-catching leather and textured fabrics (with punched out holes of course!). Laid out in front of us were hardware bases of what would be transformed into the pieces for the shoot. The saughtering machine was a buzzing and a full day (and night) of assembling the jewelry was in order! We swept off our models Jessica and Tali Sharon to fittings at Liat Dahan and Roni Kantor as our minds were exploding with ideas (and the unknown, like where will we shoot and what colors should we make sure our made to fit the outfits?).

tali sharon and jessica fattore punchaos jewelry
Red polka dot top by Roni Kantor, Blue 50s style circle skirty by Liat Dahan, Yellow strapless dress with bow by Liat Dahan

After the fittings we sent Jessica back to the studio to help finish the jewelry making for the shoot (and we decided our location would be Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv). Dreed*Tea’s head editor, “Dreed”, went home and assembled some mood boards from the iPhone snaps and suggested the colors / styles of the jewelry that would go with each. She led the styling from hair down to the nail polish with her trusted second pair of eyes and D*T writer, Ariana. Mali Hollander was instrumental in making the hair and make-up a reality! (BTW: Mali designs her own line of bags Malinca and her trademark hand painted swirly goodness is used in some of the Punchaos collection as well)

What you see below is a magical, spontaneous, fun day of hard work!

red polka dot retro look
Red polka dot top by Roni Kantor

We wanted to play up their retro geometric pieces with some mad styling– so coiffed hair, winged eyeliner, head scarves and retro silhouette clothing with modern attitude captured the vibe we were going for.

Jessica Fatorre Punchaos Jewelry

Dreed*Tea’s head photographer “Tea” sniffed out the perfect nooks in Florentine to match each look. It was uncanny how perfectly this managed to happen! Ariana and Daina trailed behind fixing any hair / jewelry out of place. If anything was missing from the scene, Yuval was nearby with a bag of props, various goodies, and a mean talent for holding the reflector just right for that special glow. Dreed*Tea crew officially invite Yuval to participate on all of our future productions- he’s that good!

Our intent was to capture the label’s spirit, by playing with the fun pins and brooches from their collection and pinning them in new places such as your hair the back of the jacket or at the side of your pants/dress/skirt/- anything goes! They add major flair to your outfit and trust us, people will definitely take notice- the perfect icebreaker for your next networking event?!

Tali Sharon in Blue Punchaos circles necklace
Yellow skirt by Liat Dahan, clutch by Malinca, Green bows dress by Liat Dahan

punchaos blue circle rings and bracelets

Accessories are the final note to any outfit, and we noticed Punchaos pieces are not only affordable, but versatile! They are so easy to work into virtually any outfit so when you get your Punchaos accessory, we promise there are plenty of clothes at home to add a fresh update to!

red green bow earrings with pretzel
Dress with green bow print by Liat Dahan

punchaos close up saw

Punchaos jewelry hula hoop yellow skirt

tali sharon punchaos jewelry graffiti wall tel aviv
orange dress by Liat Dahan

Dress from Mel boutique on Dizzengoff

Since it’s Spring and ’tis the wedding season, Punchaos produced a collection just for the bride- from classic white to the sassy bride that is not afraid to stray from just white (zebra striped wedding accessories anyone? Yes you can!).

bridal jessica punchaos
White bridal dress by Roni Kantor

Dress by Ishtar

Got to have Punchaos goods? Click on it!

P.S. Punchaos will be at the accessories market event May 31st- June 2nd! More info here


Models: Tali Sharon, Jessica Fattore
Photography: Michell Halpern
Styling & Hair: Daina Reed
Make Up & Hair: Mali Hollander
Hair: Mali Hollander, Daina Reed
Production Assistant: Arianna Richmond, Yuval Sharon
Wardrobe provided by: Liat Dahan, Roni Kantor
Headpieces: Marilyn Ha’uvati

The Production crew would like to thank to: Luli Ta’aluli and her handsome man, Zazzi and Totti, the nice people at Metushelach Wine Bar and to all the good people that stopped by.


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