In part 1 of the 20’s trend watch, we gave a brief intro of the decade and showed runway looks from New York and Milan. Now we scoured for hours and hours and bring you all the best 20’s inspired collections from our very own Israeli designers. This was no easy feat folks!

For a few weeks we pinned 20s style photos to our Pinterest board to sharpen our 20s senses as we search for them in modern times!
pinterest 20s fashion board


Yosef’s 2012 S/S collection appears to be heavily influenced by the 20’s.

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Find Yosef on his Facebook Page

Erez Ovadia

We recently went to the showing of Erez Ovadia’s new ready to wear collection label “Alba”. And as we look at it again, many items fit the wink to the 20s description: loose shift dresses, pastel coral, and flowing Art Nouveau gowns- it’s all how you accessorize it!

Find Erez Ovadia on Facebook Page and his Website

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Miss Geisha

We rocked Miss Geisha dresses at TLVFW (photo here- the two in the middle of the group shot). They fit the 20s mold: lace and beaded top with scalloped edge, plus loose drapy long gowns!

For how to shop Miss Geisha visit their Facebook Page

Elise French Style Clothing Boutique

Elise is a well known boutique on Sheinken street known for hand picking French style clothing to sell in Tel Aviv. Well they definitely got the memo. They carry loose drapy gowns, maxi drop waist dresses, and Art Deco accessories to swoon over. They style it all together for a modern look (ie: cowboy boots!). We are a fan!

“Like” their Facebook Page, Hours and shop locations can be found there. They also Tumbl!

Pioo Pioo

Pioo Pioo does bridal! Check out this totally 20s bridal dress! On the left we see a dropwaist dress with 20s scalloped glittery pattern.

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Sister M

Sister M sent 20s inspired dresses down the runway at Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011.

“Like” them on Facebook


“Like” them on Facebook

Justine Hats

Located in Israel there is also a hat company that seeems to almost exclusively manufacture 20s style clouche hats in any color or style you could imagine! Who knew?!

For shopping info go to their Facebook Page.

Keren Wolf

20s fashion is old hat to Keren Wolf, but she does it oh so well!
20s style accessories by Keren Wolf
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Ambar jewelry design

Get your crowning glory game on with Ambar’s dainty, daring, alluring 20s inspiried headpieces!

Assorted Accessories

1. Ilan Orbach (Tassle Necklace) // 2. ALDO (feather headband) // 3. Yael & Tal (Round earrings with people, Snapshot Collection) // 4. Ellen Rubin (Leather printed purse with tassle), sold at Umbrella Shop // 5. ALDO (rhinestone studded feather brooch) // 6. Ruby Star (watch band bracelet)

Assorted Footwear

1. Liebling // 2. Michal Miller // 3. Shoemaker // 4. Ellen Rubin, sold at Umbrella Shop

Real Girls work the “nod to the 20s” look without looking like they are in costume

Below she keeps her outfit preppy,tailored and TIMELESS and a cute 20s cloche hat gives that flair without over duing it!

This sunshine yellow drop waist dress is 100% 20s and with it’s on trend color 100% 21st Century! Notice she keeps a modern ankle boot and rocker bag and a timeless classic hat!

This girl goes with a full on 20’s silhouette however all the clothes are actually modern trends that aren’t traditionally 20s style clothes. Pulling it all together with the 20s accessories- she manages to reference the 20s in silhouette without looking in costume!


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