The roaring 20’s style is back in the spotlight again this year (it popped up in 2009 as well), and we can’t wait to celebrate this fabulous decade that was so significant in liberating women’s bodies!

A sign of women’s liberation came through in the “new look” championed by the great Coco Chanel – loose, drop waist style clothing that allowed women to finally ditch the cumbersome corsets. Women experienced the beginnings of equal rights and all of a sudden even smoking cigarettes became acceptable for a lady too! We like to think of it as the decade woman let loose and partied in speakeasys, adorned themselves in cute hats (they are called “cloche” hats by the way), rhinestone and pearl jewelry, and don’t even get us started on the Deco elements of the 30’s that will also creep their way in to this trend. Who doesn’t want to look like the women in the Art Nouveau prints: in long flowing gowns, princess chains in their hair from the famous french Absynthe ads? OK, enough about boozing and smoking! We are talking about the FASHION after all.

So the idea behind this 20’s inspired trend is to mix it with other styles up, make it modern and make it you. Be inspired, but don’t look like your dressing up for Halloween (NO, you can’t wear that old dance recital flapper fringe skirt)!

ralph lauren 2012 20s fashion collection great gatsbyLet’s note what brought it back: First off- the new movie Great Gatsby came out! Also the popular series Boardwalk Empire. Many designers including Ralph Lauren sent 20s inspired collections down the runway. Mr. Lauren referenced a typical 20s style color palette: coral, seafoam, robin’s egg blue, ivory white. Have a peak at these flowing stunners in the video below!

But Ralph Lauren was not the only one! There was also…

Credits: Tory Burch // Vera Wang, Tibi, Rodarte in “Peppermint Green”- Well I think you know we’re a fan of that news! // Roberto Cavalli, drop waist flowy gowns and skirts– so nice it was shown twice! Milan and Tel Aviv Fashion Week // Etro, Moschino, Gucci all did fabulous evening looks in fringe.

Well we turned to our fabulous fashion scene here in Tel Aviv and pulled up some key items you will want to incorporate into your 20s inspired fashion lab!

But this post is getting kinda long already, so we think we will leave you with baited breath for now! Let all this inspiration sink in and hold on to your hats (or cloches) for whats to come!

The next posts on this topic will include real girl style inspiration plus items available from the fabulous Tel Aviv Fashion scene.

Attention Israeli designers and fashionistas- now’s the time to submit your tips on what you want us to include in the next installments! Leave suggestions in the comments below.


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