Do you ever catch yourself watching a TV show just to see what the characters are wearing? If you are anything like us, and we think you just might be, you definitely do! TV is a great place to see popular styles and trends, and once in a while a show will come along that will really stand out from the rest – in the style department that is, and a good story line can’t hurt either. But let’s be honest, sometimes the plot is really not all that important :)

10. That 70’s Show – A really great spoof on 70’s middle america, and it offers up a beautiful platter of 70’s fashion too: from bell-bottoms to plaid medi skirts to polyester blend EVERYTHING!


9. 90210 and Melrose Place – These were technically 2 different shows but lets call a spade a spade: besides the “age” difference these were pretty much one and the same, Aaron Spelling definitely had the wining formula down. They were a perfect LA example of early 90’s styles.

90210 2


8. Designing Women – This show epitomized 80’s style; from the hair to the shoulder pads, to the sensible heels (the only thing that was sensible in the 80’s). Ohh and one other thing – color, color, color! While all this might look silly to us now, these ladies were at the forefront of fashion at the time!


7. Any show Mary Tyler More was in – such as The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Sometimes an actor has such a pronounced sense of style that it translates into her work. Case in point, Mary Tyler More whose fashion choices viewers followed from show to show, from the early 60’s into the late 70’s, and beyond.

Mary Tyler Moor

6. Friends – The endless iconic haircuts, the varied styles of the 6 characters, each representing a small subset of popular styles of that time. It was a pop culture bomb, that kept exploding over and over, for 10 years straight.


5. My So Called Life – Teenage angst of the mid 90’s was never better represented than in this show, both in the characters’ fashion choices and otherwise. Too bad this show only lasted for 1 season.

mysocalledlife collge

4. Charlie’s Angels – Ahh the 70’s: the feathered hair, the disco heels, the silky fabrics. And of course; the Angels always coordinated the color palette no matter what the case!

Carl Angel 1

3. Gossip Girl – If you were looking for a never ending parade of luxury fashion worn by the young and the exceptionally rich and beautiful, this was definitely the show for you. The fashion, much like the melodrama, was over the top, and we could not get enough!


2. Mad Men – Everyone is MAD for the fashion in this brilliant show! This is the most exceptional, stylish and dazzling depiction of late 50’s and 60’s (and may be even 70’s – here is hoping) era dress we have seen… may be EVER!


1. Sex and the City – What more could we add to the countless praise that this show’s styling has received in the past. Nothing before it or after has surpassed the genius styling work of Pat Field, even though many have tried (see #3 above).



Its soo good it deserves 2 pics.


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