So you’re visiting Tel Aviv? Do you consider yourself a hip man or woman eager to uncover the local color of the city (especially the best local fashion)? Always searching for that new and unique item that will tell everybody just who you are and where you’ve been? We hope you answered YES, because we have a treat for you!

Ditch the beaten path and explore the cultural style of Tel Aviv with Galit Reisman’s TLVstyle Boutique Tour‘s unique concept of showing the great city of Tel Aviv through its new and up and coming fashion designers.

“I believe fashion is not just about the clothes, but also the scenery, the atmosphere and the personal stories of the people and places.” -Gait Reisman, Founder of TLVstyle Boutique Tour

Galit has been in the industry for years- traveling the world as a fashion agent, curator, and producer of Israel’s raw talent as they break onto the International scene. She has now distilled her life experience together with the love of her hometown into this exciting tour designed to take you behind the scenes of designer’s studios and boutiques, that only a local would know about. Each tour is tweaked according to the experience your looking for. Galit’s tours help you find your style and each tour ensures you get personal styling attention too! Whether it’s accessories, shoes, or clothes that you are searching for- or even eco-chic items, Galit knows just the hidden gem.

So, if you ever just sat on a park bench in a foreign country and observed the people around you, checkin’ out their individual style and flair, wondering where they got it- wonder no more! Go straight to the source on Galit’s fascinating tour. We think meeting Tel Aviv’s artistic citizens is the best way to experience what makes this city breath.

We all know what each and every person wears makes a statement to the world as to who exactly they are- so make a statement of your own and let the world know just what’s comin’ their way! Remember your Tel Aviv trip forever through finding your statement piece while also experiencing a new place at the same time. Plus, you really get to know the people behind the fashion of Tel Aviv- and through this you will come out on the other end with a brand new Tel Avivian style- all your own.

pictures of small tel aviv boutiques

So if you’re coming from afar- book your ticket, and look her up when you get here for the tour of a lifetime. When you get back home people will notice the “new” you and know that you most distinctly were in the extraordinary city of Tel Aviv! Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that through one of Galit’s tours you get fabulous discounts at all of the boutiques that you visit! What could be better than updating your style with some authentically Tel Aviv items, styled just for you by coveted designers- for a bargain? So travel Tel Aviv in style as you are fashionably chauffeured from door to door with Galit Reismann’s TLVstyle Boutique Tour – which definitely gets Dreed*Tea’s “thumbs up”.

How to Book TLVstyle Boutique Tour?

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Credits: Photos by Anat Reisman-Kedem. All rights reserved.


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