The Hottest Bags for Spring in Tel Aviv

Lighten your load and slip into one of these Spring staples, a highly colorful and covetable handbag from Tel Aviv designers!

Malinca’s one of swirly creations will remind you of melted ice cream! She sells on Etsy and learn more about where to buy them in Tel Aviv on the website

Right to left: Robin bucket bag ,Oversized clutch bag with a neon tail, Catfish- Leather Tote bag

New Medusa collection gallery, visit Medusa’s where to shop page for locations / hours

The Graffiti collection by Bellinky

About the author, Dreed

Daina is the founder / CTO / Head Editor of Dreed*Tea. She does styling and techy / webby stuff for Dreed*Tea. The looks she likes to create from her eclectic (yet practical) closet solve complicated questions, like what to wear in this highly neurotic Tel Aviv weather!?

Has 3 Comments:

  • Kazzsandra says:

    All bags are awesome and the best one for me is this white one.. I hope these are available on some shops near here..

  • Carolyn Cooper says:

    Oh i love these collections especially Medusa’s. The designs are unique. But I guess all of these comes with a very competitive price. :)

  • Marka says:

    The bag are just beautiful , Iwish I had a few of them like the ones in the Malinca Spectacular Spectrum. Also the use of writing on hand bags ais a an innovative way to communicate a message.

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