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by Daina Reed

I have a soft spot for quality hand made shoes and since I am not a fan of heels over 3″- Tel Aviv shoe designers are a godsend. There is just no comparison to a hand manufactured shoe when it comes to durability, comfort, and style! That is why I invest in at least 2 pairs of Israeli shoes per year. So in honor of the upcoming ‘Zugot’ shoe fair in Tel Aviv next weekend- I present my curation of my top 4 dream shoes from each of the best shoe design brands in town, and I have room for one more pair! Which one will it be?


Shoemaker has a varied collection from vampy to retro this year with something for everyone. View the full AW14 collection on their website.

Top: 'Paprika' 760 NIS, Left: 'Roxy' 940 NIS, Right: 'Gertrud' 790 NIS, Bottom: 'Rococo' 760 NIS

Top: ‘Paprika’ 760 NIS, Left: ‘Roxy’ 940 NIS, Right: ‘Gertrud’ 790 NIS, Bottom: ‘Rococo’ 760 NIS

Shani Bar

Shani Bar‘s winter collection this year borrows from the world and color of the ‘70s and also made our “Top Luxurious picks” list of 2014 too!

Top Left: 'Julie', Top Right: 'Dolly', Bottom Left: 'Billy', Bottom Right: 'Mica'

Top Left: ‘Julie’, Top Right: ‘Dolly’, Bottom Left: ‘Billy’, Bottom Right: ‘Mica’. Price range: 650NIS-1500NIS


Our golden girl, Shani Lax, can best be described as bohemian meets glam. She took the top two styles of boots- the chelsea and the cutout and made it all her own!

Top Left: 'Bobby D. Black ', Top Right: 'Zebra', Bottom Left: 'Bobby D. Teal', Bottom Right: 'Nick C.'.  Price range: 780-1,090 NIS

Top Left: ‘Bobby D. Black ‘, Top Right: ‘Zebra’, Bottom Left: ‘Bobby D. Teal’, Bottom Right: ‘Nick C.’. Price range: 780-1,090 NIS

Michal Miller

Michal Miller’s signature heel shape are like old friends to me, and I especially loved her usage of forest green this year and the gray grunge patterned leather on the flats. I was pleasantly surprised to see the daring design of the bowling shoe lace up boot- and fell in love- they seem so timeless and unique. The patent leather heels are so fabulously retro glam, yet I would wear them with jeans too. Check out the rest of the AW14 shoe collection.

Top Left: 'Sophia Green' 890 NIS, Top Right: 'Lace up bootie black' 950 NIS, Bottom Left: 'Alexa Green' 650 NIS, Bottom Right: 'Envelope Green & Black' 760 NIS.

Top Left: ‘Sophia Green’ 890 NIS, Top Right: ‘Lace up bootie black’ 950 NIS, Bottom Left: ‘Alexa Green’ 650 NIS, Bottom Right: ‘Envelope Green & Black’ 760 NIS.

Roni Kantor

Roni Kantor’s retro darlings are always the cute, animal friendly (vegan leather), and quality for your buck option! This year her velvet and tapestry creations especially dazzled me! See the full AW14 shoe collection.

roni kantor winter 14 shoes


ARAMA ruled the runway at TLVFW ’11 and we haven’t stopped watching it since. The brand is known for high quality luxury collections that are elegant yet modern, and UNISEX. Check out the ARAMA Etsy store for more designs you can shop online.


WALK is usually a little too avante guard for my taste, but I found the ones I’d love to own that fit my style! I love the chunky heel on these black booties and the dip dye job on the other boots.

Top: 'Megaphone' bootie Left-Right: 'Frankie silver', 'Gray dip bootie', 'Frankie black'.  Price range: 730-928 NIS

Top: ‘Megaphone’ bootie Left-Right: ‘Frankie silver’, ‘Gray dip bootie’, ‘Frankie black’. Price range: 730-928 NIS

Buy online in Israel at Marmelada Market


Imelda is always producing the most youthful funky yet refined shoe that I thought only existed in my imagination!

So many options, and such hard competition- which pair won your feet’s affection?


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