The Gorillot Circus Fall Collection

Every time that Dreed*tea meets up with Gorillot there is something magical in the air. We are spoiling you with one of our most happy productions that came from the bottom of our drilling minds!

The inspiration for this collection is drawn from the designer’s childhood memory of visiting the circus (which was very popular in the 70′s & 80′s) and re-kindling the excitement of the circus’ arrival to her home town, visiting and viewing the shows, and eating cotton candy. This is an Homage for one particular booth that printed happy sparkly circus prints on shirts.

Just before the winter winds start to blow we present The ‘Gorillot & Dreed*Tea Circus, so grab a seat and Here we go!

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And to sweeten the deal, these babies are 25% off, until the end of October 2011! To find out how you can be the proud owner of the Circus shirts Visit Gorillot’s Shop

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Models: Lihi Levie & Hofit Lussana
Photography: Michell Halpern, Dreed*Tea Team
Production: Gorillot By Adi Dagan & Dreed*Tea
Production Assistant: Orly Kuperard, light&Dew
T-Shirts: Gorillot by Adi Dagan
Pants: Ilanit Shamia, Boutique IS
Earrings: LizArt

About the author, Tea

Michell does all the photography for Dreed*Tea. She’s an admitted shopaholic with a weakness for Vivianne Westwood, she can be found regularly exploring Tel Aviv designers with Daina. Her world travels, fun loving energy, and sharp business mind bring the pulse of Dreed*Tea’s work.

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