Collage stylecoaching and humans of tlv
Photos from: left – Elana Sharp Style Coach blog, right – Humans of Tel Aviv

Recently, we were asked to take part in an interview on TLV1 Radio, the topic on DIY Tel Aviv show that day was to be Tel Aviv style. We were honored and excited, after all, we write about indie Tel Aviv designers and their collections, about Tel Aviv bloggers and fashion events all the time. This was our opportunity to share our passion in a new medium! Then anxiety kicked in, sure there was the “public speaking” thing, but also outside the “fashion crowd” that we typically cover, what is the real, nitty-gritty Tel Aviv Street Style? Is there such a thing, if so, how do we define it? And so our quest to define Tel Aviv street style began.

Humans of tel aviv fb
Photo from Humans of Tel Aviv

As the fashion capital of Israel, Tel Aviv’s style is a hipper, hyper version of the country’s. To be sure style and stylish people can be found throughout, but as with any urban fashion center (think NYC in US) Tel Aviv is where it’s most visible. There is a grungy hipster vibe to the style here, which fits in quite nicely with the overall casualness of the city. When thinking of street style in Tel Aviv these words came to mind: practicality, layering, neutrals and especially black, flats, boots, palladiums, FLIP-FLOPS, draping and asymmetry, scarfs, leather jackets, pants, jeans. In more recent years (and warmer weather) there are some additions: dresses, skirts, color, color, color! It’s almost shocking but one would be hard pressed to see a woman on the streets in a dress 10 or even 5 years ago!

Collage middle
Photos from: center – Streetchic TLV blog, right and left – Humans of TLV

As more and more international brands are becoming available (only in the last 4 years H&M, Forever21, TopShop, and Gap to name a few, have popped up) Tel Avivians are embracing global trends like never before, but it is always done with distinctive local flavor. Noways local designers are also more in tune with global trends but still with their own unique stamp that is so reflective of the style here, perfect examples are Alef Alef and Little Street. And, of course, one can’t forget the vintage craze (and designers like Roni Kantor who are influenced by it) that has swept this city. It provides a nice, affordable alternative to big box stores and allows people to express their individuality & be fashion forward.

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Photos from: right – Click/Clash blog left – Humans of TLV

But enough talk about Tel Aviv style, the best way to get to know it is to see it, so take a look at a collection of TLV street style pics we have gathered:

Photo from Streetchic TLV

Collage Winter
Photos from: first column – Humans of Tel Aviv, The Streets Walker second column – Humans of Tel Aviv, The Streets Walker third column – Streetchic TLV, JPost, Elana Sharp Style Coach blog

Humans of tel aviv fb 16
Photo from Humans of Tel Aviv

Collage Summer
Photos from: top row – Humans of Tel Aviv, iLook Israel, Streetchic TLV
bottom row – Streetchic TLV, Elana Sharp Style Coach blog, Humans of Tel Aviv

Collage vanane
Photo from Vanane blog

To hear what we had to say on the show, check out the recording of the DIY Tel Aviv show here, we are on in the beginning of the show from 4min:17sec to 10min:17sec.


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