Michell and Daina (dresses by Miss Geisha), and Sonya (necklace by Doberman) with our escort Keren Yakov

A recap report by Dreed*Tea of Tel Aviv Fashion Week- Day 3.

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Mira Zwillinger

Elegant evening wear was the name of the game at this show. Fitted billowing gowns with high slits in bright colors with cascading shades, mixed with black and white structured dresses and separates dominated the runway. The fabrics varied from light chiffon to heavy leather. The collection got its edge from the geometrical head pieces showcased by some of the models.
mira zwillinger tel aviv fashion week  tlvfw

Nethanel Zikri

Entitled “Second Skin” this was the second collection for the young designer. It was inspired by wildlife and used natural materials, light and transparent fabrics, and lots of animal prints. The whole collection could be characterized by strong color and design that uses more and more fabric as you reach the bottom. As evident from this show animal prints remain a strong trend for the next season.

We attended the combo show of Ido Recanati / Mauricio / Ishtar. This was a special show of new and up and coming designers presenting small collections.

Ido Recanati

This husband and wife team of 8 years showcased their Spring/Summer 2012 collection inspired by a combination of art deco and icons of Hollywood style: Grace Kelley and Audrey Hepburn. There were two groups; the first was a mix of strong oranges and blues combined with subtle grays, the second consisted of geometric cuts in black and cream.


The Brazilian-born designer was one of the few to show men’s-wear. His outrageous sports-wear line was bursting with: stripes, flowers, animal prints, tie-dye, and color-blocking. The designs were a lot to take in alone but the extravagant headpieces added to the feeling of being overwhelmed. The clothes seemed out of date but the models wearing them were certainly just right.


The models were sent down the runway barefoot, which was a welcomed change of pace. Her collection was inspired by the craftsmanship & heritage of the Middle East and was dominated by every shade of white in beautiful Damascus brocades, silks and Egyptian cottons. Her head pieces were delicate and stunning – in stark contract to the previous show. It was earthy, feminine, elegant, and timeless!

Shenkar Designers

8 outstanding Shenkar students, from different class levels and varying styles presented their small collections in this combined show. It was a highly anticipated production, as everyone was curious of what to expect from the next generation of Israeli fashion design. The students presented striking pieces that went above and beyond all expectations! There were delicate lace dresses, dramatic velvet creations, silk stunners and elusive knitted designs.


This was the only show that featured a plus size model! And for a good reason, out of all the models -the clothes looked the best on her. Overall the designs were reminiscent of Sasson Kedem with a bit more “flavah” thrown in. The color palate was slightly brighter, the fit was also generous but with some notable exceptions. We noticed some 50’s inspirations in the knee length dresses, but with modern twists a la unexpected fabric and color choices, such as cotton and delicate black shiny lace (not pictured).

Alon Livne

The glitterati turned out in full force for the closing event of the TLVFW! The Spring/Summer 2012 collection of 40 looks drew inspiration from the Victorian era.

The craftsmanship was impeccable, the gold embroidery was dazzling, and the fabrics were some of the silkiest and lightest we saw all week long.

The navy and white collection with some shimmery nude highlights featured pearls, gold detailing, feathers and beautiful collars. The result was a romantic vision of tops, bottoms, dresses, and corsets. Dana Mansour created the accompanying accessories, body jewelry, and crowns (iron coated in 24 karat gold) in amorphous shapes that conjured up animals, birds and swans.


This was an event held to help raise money for the Israeli Gay Youth organization. Various designers donated their cloths to help raise funds. It was a fun runway show and an exciting party. This was not about the fashion but about helping out those who need it.

The Interviews (coming soon…)

We had a chance to interview two of the organizers of TLVFW, Moti Rife and Ofir Lev, to hear their thoughts and ideas, and the passion it took to pull off this extraordinary event. Two powerful men after our own heart, we are very thankful for all their hard work to make this happen!

Other priceless interviews include: the backstage wardrobe manager, Maoz Nvr, designer Sasson Kedem, and designer Tamar Primak of Ishtar.

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