A recap report by Dreed*Tea of Tel Aviv Fashion Week- Day 2.

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Pas Pour Toi

Designer Dorit Bar Or, presented a pretty all black collection of cocktail and evening wear with delicate gold and black beading. It was a bit of a throw-back to the late 80’s and early 90’s that have been coming back in style, but without the loud colors it felt a bit underwhelming. The intricate, Middle Eastern inspired hand-sewn beading was beautiful, but sadly Dorit did not add anything new or inventive to the exciting looks of that era.

Dorin Frankfurt

This street wear line felt easy and light, perfect for those sunny Spring days when the weather is just right. It might not have been the most original or designed collection, but one could wear it on the street straight off the runway. Stand-outs were: deep blue, abstract flower print pieces, and a pale pink skirt and top combo. The presentation got its much needed “kick” from the bright flat oxfords (by ARAMA) and gold leafy head pieces.

Upcoming Designers

10 promising up and coming designers showed their small collections in this important presentation. One of them was chosen by an international committee of experts to receive international support / exposure and a show at Italian fashion week. The star of this show was Israel Ohayan, his creations were reminiscent of Alexander McQueen and stood out against more conventional collections shown throughout the week. The muted color tones really let the architectural designs and the precise detailing and construction shine.


“Dresses with a wink” was the theme of this collection. There was color, prints, flower appliques, sparkly embellishments, and lace. From short to long, from white to black- almost the entire dress spectrum was covered. The only ones missing were form-fitting ensembles. It might not have been the most cohesive collection, but it was fun.

Galit Levi

She is known for bridal and evening dresses, and that is exactly what we saw on the runway. Her show stayed true to her aesthetic; it was a glittery, colorful collection with a lot of see-through overlays that had major appliques, beading, sparkle and embroidery all over. Minimalist it was not! One could clearly see the many hours it must have taken to create each piece.

Gideon Oberson

He presented a stunning, streamlined black and white collection that let the geometric details such as folds, cut-outs, neck lines, and weaves take center stage. One would not call it minimal but it was understated in a beautiful and unusual way. The slicked back hair and dramatic eye makeup added to the striking presentation. He was our favorite of the day.

Related content: Dreed*Tea Report of Opening Night #TLVFW 2011, Tel Aviv Fashion Week- Recap of Day 1

Photography: Avi Valdman


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