1. Alef Alef (special Shavuot white collection) www.alefalef.net // 2. O-Shan Urban Elegance blossom bracelet http://www.o-shan.com // 3. Ishtar Fashion House white Italian wool dress http://www.ishtar-tlv.com* // 4. O-Shan Urban Elegance Feather earrings http://www.o-shan.com // 5. Liat Ginzburg vibrant colored bracelets http://www.facebook.com/liat.ginzburg // 6. Me-Dusa soft orange bag http://www.me-dusa.com // 7. Julliett by Gili Azoulay nude maxi dress Facebook profile // 8. Eva Teffner pearl and gold earrings http://www.eva-teffner.com // 9. Keren Asaf gold mustache necklace http://www.kerenasaf.com // 10. Osnat Har Noy zipper earrings http://osnatharnoy.blogspot.com // 11. Michal Miller nude zipper sandals http://michalmillershoes.blogspot.com

*Photographer for Ishtar: Michael fish


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