Hi Lovely D*T readers. We want to show you all some love and share your photo on our social networks.


You can submit your photo on what love means to you via our Facebook, Instagram (@dreedtea), or Twitter (@dreedtea). We even have Google+ if you are a techie like us;)

Submit your photo symbolizing you and your love with the hashtag #DTLove and mention @dreedtea

Some Ideas for you

Your passion, your outfit, your partner, a selfie, pet, a DIY craft, or valentine themed food- ANYTHING that means ‘love’ to YOU- the color pink is NOT a requirement 😉

The staff here at Dreed*Tea got in on the action as well. Check out what love and romance means to each one of us this Valentine’s day:

Michell’s #DTLove:

Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Credits: Helmut Newton, Stanley Kubrick, Alice Springs, Heidi Slimane

Credits: Helmut Newton, Stanley Kubrick, Alice Springs, Hedi Slimane

Emma’s #DTLove:

My last birthday in a picture, thanks to my ♥

Daina’s #DTLove:

My incredible best friend Mookie, the schipperke, and my favorite shade of MAC lipstick “Rebel”.
Daina mookiemac

Rebecca’s #DTLove:

These engagement rings are family heirlooms made by my grandmother.
I carry (i carry your heart) – E.E. Cummings
rebecca collage

Sonya’s #DTLove:

Incredible and comfortable style in the most fashionable city on earth, Paris!
Collage created using this nifty tool on Polyvore.

V day SOnya


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