purplegreen liza benshtain modeled by nohar ben asher

From Leonardo De Vinci to Caravaggio, still life is an important depiction in the fine arts.

garden dress  fruit trend liza benshtain 2012

When we had the opportunity to do the photo shoot for the Spring Summer 2012 Catalog for LizArt we thought that it was only appropriate to challenge the still life into the 21 century. 

So without further ado, we are proud to introduce you to LizArt, enjoy the tour!

garden dress liza benshtain jewelry design

mirror liza benshtain jewelry

flower liza benshtain accessories

Liza will also exhibit her art jewels at the Xsrz Market event!

Where to Shop:

Visit LizArt page.

Model: Nohar Ben Asher
Photography: Michell Halpern
Photo post-production: Michell Halpern and Daina Reed
Hair and Makeup: Yifat Avukan
Concept and Visuals: Adi Dagan/Gorillot Studio and Liza Benshtain
Styling: Michell Halpern and Nohar Ben Asher
Wardrobe: Marilyn my Love


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