Some can argue shopping indie designer labels in Israel is expensive. I agree that for the average Israeli income (and that’s me!)- it is a financial strain to make these purchases (but think how stunning you’ll look while eating beans and rice). However, something is to be said for the relatively low cost of designer goods in Israel compared to other International designer brands.

Take for example the uber-coveted American label “Rag & Bone“. In browsing their site, I quickly noticed how Israeli designers are producing very comparable items for sometimes, half the price.

I’m by no means comparing the two items as the alternative version and I’m aware the cut and items are very different but I think it’s a fair demonstration of how comparable the “look” is. Featured below are items from Rhus Ovata, Gusta, and Alef Alef.

Please note that if you don’t live in Israel and you are purchasing Israeli goods that were imported, that’s going to really bump up the price tag! So if you want these Indie designed goods, fly over and visit us (and get your VAT back at the airport when you leave)!


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