DreedTea just hosted an unexpected guest, an Australian treat stumbled into our lives. We fell in love with her quirky girly style and blogging talent and set off to collaborate between our blogs- meet Monique Friedlander of Sneaky Peek Blog.

Over the next few days we had tons of fun with Monique as we showed her our fav spots, took her to a Tnuat Hameri show, and got her a few interviews with Israeli designers. Monique had never showed her self off on her own blog, so we did a styling photo shoot for her big debut, and opened the door for Monique’s readers to get to know her better!

We now affectionately call her our “‘little Aussie sis”. At only 21, this is one smart cookie who blogs with the best of them! So if you are planning to go to Australia, have a sneaky peek before you fly to the south part of the earth.

Monique also interviewed Guy Gil, click here to find out about Israeli Vintage scene straight from Guy.

Here’s a “sneaky peek” (yeah we love to say that!) of the interview:

{ What’s the vintage scene like in Israel? }
It has really grown. Today people are more aware of dressing for their individuality. Also it’s popular because of it’s ecological friendliness, as well as the fact that it’s a better choice in the recession because the pricing isn’t usually expensive. Vintage has become high fashion, you can see all around the world- Gucci, Dior, Prada, on celebrities…

Read the full interview…

Check out our past look book Dreed*Tea put together at Marilyn my Love here.


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