Yep, 90’s are back, big time, and we have a feeling that more 90’s themed EVERYTHING is to follow in the coming seasons.


We like this decade, not much negative to say about it, except for maybe, more “showers” could not have hurt, but enough about 90’s hygiene. This decade gave us: good music, riot grrrl revolution, raves, ecstasy, good fashion – this is when street style really made it’s impact on high fashion and grange became mainstream. You know the good o’ll days when all you saw walking down the street was a sea of plaid shirts, long hair (there was plenty of hair then, what happened?), depression or rather people purposely looking depressed, and of course skateboards.

skaletsky 10 aw14

Back to present day and we are seeing many of the telltale signs of 90’s again. We’ve talked about the plaid shirt phenomena already here, and of course 90’s style shoes are trendy again (wrote about them here). Also if you happen to have been in New York recently, you would have noticed skateboards everywhere! Really, those babies are spreading like mushrooms after the rain. And if you’re gonna skate, then you need proper gear of course. No, we are not talking protective gear, we mean you’ve got to get some cool skater attire.

skaletsky 4 aw14

This is where Skaletsky, a printed tee and sweatshirt brand, comes in. We just can’t take our eyes off of the cool prints.

We couldn’t help ourselves and got one of those sweatshirts, and are now practically living in it, pairing it with a romantic bottom or roughing it up with a pair of leather shorts and high booties. All we need now is to acquire coordination and to actually learn how to skateboard.

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