Dreed*Tea just got back from our favorite past time, shoe shopping! Here’s the scoop on what we found there.

First things first, here are the even details:
The ShooFuni Facebook event page and website
Location: Elifelet 26, Florentine, Tel Aviv
Time: Friday, May 6 | 10am-7pm Saturday, May 7th | 10am-8pm
Entrance fee: 10nis


Don’t miss the special offer from “Shoemaker”

– when you buy a pair of shoes at “Shoofuni” Shoe Festival you get a 100nis in store credit- how sweet?! This deal is only for the shoe festival this Fri, Sat & Sun. Tell them Dreed*Tea sent you.

Here’s what we bought there:

Tea got these:

Dreed got these:

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Couple of

You can find past collections are at super low prices, so snag a pair of beauties like these:

We featured them in the past, but regrettably these lovely clogs are no longer around.
Visit their website

Eskopah (אסקופה)

All of these shoes fit us like a glove and were really soft. Even the flats had a lot of cushion comfort. We will be back!

Visit their Facebook profile


We love the handiwork on these hot red heels (they come in several colors too):

These delicate sandals have a Art Deco feeling to us and we love that:

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This British newcomer invests in every detail that even Dreed didn’t notice the fun detailing on the back of the heels until after she bought them (for only 300nis!):

don’t forget to check the cute booties with bows in the back too!

Visit her website too!

Aht Aht (אחת אחת)

These designs are so chic yet so earthy at the same time with a touch of Indian inspired elements.

Visit their website

Imuma (אימומה)

This is a great store on Dizzengof 114 that stocks Israeli designers (like our fav, Michal Miller) and the plus is the owner is a designer herself that you can find in her store as well.

Here’s the darling of Michal Miller’s Summer 2011 collection (Tea couldn’t resist these, I’m trying to rip her away from petting them right now and help me on this post):

Visit their website
Facebook profile

Well nothing goes better with shoes then a good stylish bag, here are some of the hottest designers that we liked:


For the finest leather bags visit Morveyos. We featured them in the past here.

Visit their website


Medusa released some brand new additions. New ‘Manta Ray’ and ‘Whale’ with fresh color combos. Also a new laptop case that’s unisex, so now the guys can get in on the fun too! These are so fresh and limited we couldn’t even find photos of them- so go investigate!
View our “Designer Spotlight’ on them here.

This is the unique stylish half moon shaped bag, ‘Manta Ray’

Go to their website to see all their collections

You can influence this post too, If we missed a shoe that’s worth mentioning- don’t be shy, tell us in the comments below!


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