Hila Kaminer | Osso-Materia

For Hila’s final project she exposed the shapes inside the body into an external structure to adorn the outside. By wearing these 3D creations, one can create a new aesthetic relation between their body and the object.

Hila combines artistic jewelry alongside wearable for men and women. We can’t wait to see what the future will hold for her.

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Lee Segev | LEEn On Me

Lee Segev’s creations define their shape based on the wearer. They are made from cardboard and leather to create both hard and soft surfaces which adapt to the body.

Abigail Youdim | Into Thin Air

Abigal created her own unique material out of polymer and combined new techniques with old to achieve her special transparent, light and fluffy substance that she weaves together onto her framework. The piece demonstrates the tension between stability and the material that appears as if it is dissolving.

Zohar Amir Verbelovsky | The Only Woman In The Room

“The Only Real Elegance is in the Mind; If you got that, the rest Really comes from It”, this is the quote by Diana Vreeland (Vogue and Harper Bazaar’s fashion editor) that Zohar found inspiration in for her designs.

She developed a technique of blowing fine sheets of pure silver on manually cut leather pieces.

Nir Mulika | The Happiness in the lack of Substance

The Circus was the inspiration to Nir’s final project, the collection combines laser cuts and classic Goldsmith techniques.

The shape, colors, and movement in this generate flexible 3D pieces from paper and brass, which put a smile on our face.

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Tania Gabso Tatrachouk | Mechanical Noise

‘We’re coming to the beginning of a new era wherein the development of the inner self is the most important thing. We have to train ourselves. So that we can improvise on anything: a bird, a sock, a fuming beaker. This is, this too can be music. Anything can be music’- Frank Zappa.
Tania’s creations, mechanical moving pieces, were inspired by this quote. We love her interpretation to 3D rings.

Slayeh Gadeer | ‘The only one to kiss her on the mouth was her Mother’

This merit of virginity in the Islamic society is what led Slayeh to explore and interpret this old folk saying into her jewelry. The meaning of it is that the girl is so pure that only her mom has kissed her. The women’s body is the main inspiration, and it’s build from 2 different series. We loved the brass rings collection which reminded us of antique jewelry and ancient oil lamps. Yup, we have some unexplained fetish for the past.

These items will be up for grabs during the graduate sale, for details.


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