SDM – Brings Tel Aviv Heat and Fashion to Canada! – our favorite buddy from Canada, organized an amazing party on Israel’s Independence day. Tel Aviv heat was definitely felt in Toronto! The highlight of the event was a spectacular fashion show featuring Israeli designers, such as Kedem Sasson, Gal, Maya Negri, Noritamy, Ronen Chen, Rina Zin, Ruby Star, and Sigal Dekel See. As Israeli fashion runs through our veins, Dreed*Tea was more than happy to be a sponsor for the event all the way from Tel Aviv. We were sad not to be able to attend but thankfully we got our hands on a video of the highlights, and of course wanted to share it with you. So sit back and enjoy Israeli fashion and party heat in Toronto.

About the author, Sonya

Sonya joined forces with us and became a partner in ’11. She loves sophisticated fashion with an edge, with lots and lots of jewelry. She came in to help us expand into the international scene – basically make us world famous! She brings the business savvy to our team, and she’s got the style sense to match, which shows through in her editorial contributions and styling. You’ll be seeing this ginger headed beauty who loves nothing more than to be wrapped up in a DVF dress and ring candy.

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