Photo found via Instagram (@ellychic)

We love watching Rachel Zoe go bananas and we certainly admire her style, career, and clothing line! Having said that, we ran across a special feature by Zoe on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week’s Website– where Zoe reports her 10 ESSENTIAL items for being fashionable during New York’s Fashion Week- which total well OVER $6,086!

We couldn’t help but wonder, what would people say if comments were enabled on such a post?!

We were left feeling that Zoe is all about the big wigs and implying that to be fashionable you must be able to AFFORD it and being fashionable is unattainable for us working class heros.

So what do you want to tell Rachel Zoe about her Luxury List?

Let’s have fun, and create our own comments in response to this article. Our’s would be “…and don’t forget to buy your ticket on Virgin Galactic’s first flight into space while your at it!”…Now your turn, what did you think about Zoe’s article?

In closing, fashion is indeed an art, and more so when your ability to make the best out of less and using your creativity– you can be just as stylish as Zoe!


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