Easy breezy beautiful … palazzo pants?! That’s right. Ever flip through magazines and wonder how all the celebs and models can pull off all these amazing looks that you just wish you can wake up and look like. Well, now you can. Throughout Spring and into Summer, Palazzo pants are the perfect choice for afternoon coffee with the girls or light dinner on the Tel Aviv beachfront. The relaxed charm of these rockin’ pants gives women the chance this spring to take it easy and soak up the cool breeze with effortless beauty.

In the photo below palazzo pants are styled with modern accessories and heels. A little sparkle and a clutch, and you have an evening outfit!
Image taken from Fashionizing

In the photo below a drapey cardigan is layered over a tight fitting tank. In this case a drapey cardi works b/c something ultra fitted is visible below. There is no doubt that these pants look chic with high heels (towering Jeffrey Campbell‘s are killer with it!).

Photo taken from: Hypeed

How to style them- Do’s and Don’ts

Up Top

Do: Since the pant is so loose and flowy you want to pair it with a fitted top otherwise you risk looking less than chic!

Don’t: Anything too baggy and loose!

On your feet

Don’t: If going the flat route, no flip flops please! Unless you are going for the hippie backpacker look, in which case you can skip the palazzo and go buy some thai fisherman pants instead! If you want to go chic, and we think you do, go with a gladiator sandal. Also stay away from loafers or closed toe flats, they can make you look like your in your pajamas.

DO: Clogs, Wedges, high heels, and towering platforms ala Jeffrey Campbell work great with these pants!

One last thing.

Jess Cartner-Morley, the Guardian’s fashion editor, guides you through the palazzo pant trend below, so watch it to do your homework before you shop!

In Israel, you can try Zara or Ronen Chen stores.

Written by: Shira Rottner and Daina Reed-Eiland


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