Because safari chic never gets old and majestic feline heads in jewelry always look classy! O-Shan has perfected this motif in her Panthera collection.

Designer, Shelly Limor of O-Shan, produced a limited collection of jewelry with a central motif of strong and impressive felines: Panthers, tigers, lions, leopards, and jaguars- Oh My! The designer’s journey into the wild reserves of Latin America where she lived among the flock of wild animals, sparked this impressive creation.

Panther dangle earrings- 395 NIS (attached to the vertebrae of a metal bracket)

Jaguar heads necklace- 695 NIS

Necklaces 795 ₪
Earrings 395 ₪ – 495 ₪
Bracelets 395 ₪

See more of O-Shan in our past designer spotlight here.

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