It’s the end of an area, the iconic Nurit Bat Yaar bid adieu to this world. She was a fashion historian and journalist with a bottomless well of knowledge on Israeli fashion, and saw its preservation and documentation as her sole mission.

In 2010, after a lifetime of reporting on fashion, she released her book ‘Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008′, which became ‘The first ever Israeli fashion Bible’ (Yuli Ziv,

We were lucky enough, to interview her last year about her book, Click to read the full article.

Nurit Bat Yaar was often referred to as a ‘Fashion Legend’ and the “Israeli First Lady” of fashion writing and documenting. From 1975 to 2001 she was the fashion reporter for one of the biggest newspapers in Israel ‘Yedioth Ahronoth’. She had unique style and a meticulous eye for fashion in Israel and abroad.

She studied art and fashion design in Upsala College in New Jersey, USA. Bat Yaar began as a fashion illustrator, but caught the eye of Fini Leitersdorf, the doyenne of Israeli fashion design, who insisted that she become the house model of ‘Maskit’, from there she went on to become an a reporter and an insider of the fashion world.

In the decades she spent working in the fashion industry, she had the opportunity to explore its many aspects. She became increasingly entranced by texture, shape and color and delved into each of these subjects in their entirety. The amount of knowledge that she gained, bestowed on her the title ‘Fashion Historian’.

In 1999 she curated the ‘Glimpse of Glamour- Fashion Photography in the Mirror of a Century’ exhibit which opened the new millennium, and was held in Israel Museum of Photography, at Tel Hai.

Nurit Bat Yaar is an Icon in the Israeli Fashion industry, her passion for fashion, unique point of view and her eye for detail made her a magnet of the Israeli fashion history.
She will be missed.

Photo: Ron Kedmi

Info: Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008/ Nurit Bat Yaar


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