Sex and the City "perfect dress for a wedding"
Sex and the City “perfect dress for a wedding”

Wedding season is fast approaching! Which means any bride getting ready to walk down the aisle is thinking about The Wedding Dress! No matter if you are a traditional bride or more experimental, it’s always good to explore all your options. So check out our list of Top 10 unconventional wedding dresses – you never know what might strike your fancy.

1. Anat Manos Bride Couture


2. Alon Livne

Alon livne3

3. Eva Mendelbaum Fashion House

Eva mendelbaum resized

4. Anya Fleet TLV

Anya Fleet TLV

5. CommonRaven

Common raven collage

6. Anaelle Haute Couture

Anaelle Haute Couture3

7. Mordehai Avraham

Mordahai Avraham collage

8. Omri Goren

Omri Goren2

9. Yosef


10. Liz Martinez

Liz Martinez2

Something extra from Liz Martinez for those really thinking outside the box.
Liz Martinez

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