What are you doing now? What are you feeling now? Are you feeling a little Melissa Time? Because we sure are! Melissa’s new Winter ’11-’12 Collection is inspired by the importance and use of our precious time with a high level of environmental concern.

In other words- these shoes are practical and are built to last (despite their appearance at first). These are jelly shoes for the adult who wants a little bit of a laugh in their step. They are creative, innovative, and fun- they are creating waves of delight in the fashion world. This environmentally conscious company has created this line of shoes by utilizing reusable plastics that can be easily washed and worn over and over again plus they collaborate with a variety of famous designers. Melissa Time shoes are like a new flavor at the ice cream parlour. Whether you feel like a banana split or just plain strawberry- your toes will delight in the taste of Melissa Time shoes. Just look at how adorable they are, how could you pass them up?! Plus this season, they’ve added some Melissa mini’s for the little people in your life. Did we mention they smell like strawberries and not stinky plastic?!

Where to Shop:

Melissa shoes are carried by STORY shops across Israel.
Check their Facebook page for locations / hours.


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