Dreed*Tea followed closely as Tamar Primak of Ishtar Fashion House prepared for her runway fashion show at Tel Aviv Fashion Week this past Nov, 2011. The day before her show, International style bloggers and journalists gathered at her studio to learn about her collection and we caught it all in this special designer profile video production.

Video and Editing by Good Eye Video Creations; Photography: Michael Fisch

The video includes interviews with British style journalists: Paula Reed from GRAZIA magazine and Lisa Armstrong from The Daily Telegraph. Stylist and Blogger Alexa Winner styles Ishtar’s items and did a blogger visit photo shoot.

About Ishtar

ISHTAR fashion house is named after the ancient Mediterranean Akkadian goddess of beauty and fertility. Tamar Primak, Ishtar’s designer, gives her own interpretation to the goddess of small details. In her garments she offers a daring design that is a model of quality, fabric and sewing. Each piece is unique and holds a romantic story of the traditional garments of the Middle East. In her designs, Primak is asking to grant women comfortable outfits with a personal statement, deriving from the perception that garments are decorations of the body, and as such they should accompany it, and leave room for the unique personality of each woman.

Where to Shop

See Ishtar’s Shop page for location hours and online stores.


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