Well hello, hello all you D*T followers, I’m Rebecca Brindza, the new girl on the scene here at Dreed*Tea. Let me introduce myself as your new eyes and ears to everything Jerusalem, well style-wise that is. Your go-to-girl of sorts for exposing the who’s who, where and what, ins and outs, hidden gems, and up and coming designers emerging from Israel’s eternal, diamond in the ruff – Jerusalem.


As a rising contender for runways around the world, Israel’s garment district stitched a new thread with the 2011 return of Tel Aviv Fashion Week (TLVFW), provoking a burning impulse turned national craze to publicize the under-publicized.

Designers In the City

No longer shadowed by its cosmopolitan counterpart, Tel Aviv; Jerusalem has revamped it’s wardrobe and stepped away from its reputation of Israel’s alleged, ultra-modest runway where good fashion goes to die (…or shul). And thanks to the support of the Bezalel Academy of Art and participants of the Manofim Project – “the official event of the contemporary art scene in Jerusalem,” the city now wears a newfound eclecto-chic charm on its sleeve.

Photographs via Trumpeldor Vintage Clothing, 18 Nissim Bechar, Nachlaot

Photographs via Trumpeldor Vintage Clothing, 18 Nissim Bechar, Nachlaot

As for sartorial standards, Jerusalem embodies a young, budding, underground industry, in comparison to the illustrious, couture capitals of Paris, Milan, New York, and London. Yet for history’s sake, the city’s past is so “embellished,” that if walls could talk, Jerusalem Stone would have over 5,000 years of dirty gossip to dish, E Fashion Police Edition that is. Just the mere thought of each and every distinctive fabric, pattern, material, embellishment, embroidery, hardware, and hue that has and will continue to pass through Jerusalem’s gates is enough to make even the Miranda Priestleys’ among us swoon.

Trump 01Photographs via Trumpeldor Vintage Clothing, 18 Nissim Bechar, Nachlaot

From the Arab Souk in the Old City to the vintage gems waiting to be found in Nachlaot’s maze, I can’t help but click the heels of my not-so-shiny red shoes and pretend. Suddenly, I’m Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City’s second film debut, haggling with the local merchants while I explore the winding streets of Abu Dhabi’s historic ward. When really, my settings are nothing more than my own backyard and obviously, there’s no place like home. Although, I am dying to be rescued by the Vogue-reading, Muslim women clad in high fashion ateliers from head-to-toe beneath their burkas. Guilty as charged.

Trump 00Photographs via Trumpeldor Vintage Clothing

Jerusalem inspiration, designs, and patterns are strewn throughout every edge, but there’s a catch. You have to be willing to read between the lines and I, my friends, am living proof that with a little curiosity, a knack for adventure, and the guts to follow the immaculately dressed to their favorite spots, Jerusalem embraces all of fashion’s guilty pleasures and more.


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