If you have been waiting for the perfect ‘Summer bag” – it’s here, brought to you by Medusa.

Medusa has broken their mold this summer and debuted their latest ornamental pattern in their new collection- “Ornomentica”, which has a distinctively relaxing Island meets Rajastan, India vibe.

Want to go to Figi or Goa? Yeh us too!… Until then, let’s grab the Felissya carry-all, run to the nearest beach and lay out in the sun. The collection features handbags, clutches, and jewelry. The contrasting combination of plastic, rough textile, and fringe creates that sought after worldly tribal-esque, yet refined look.

The collection has a sense of tension between the “old” tradition and heritage, and the “new” futuristic innovation, embodied in the dominant presence of aged fabrics with intricate prints, merged with the modern plastic design that characterizes “Medusa”, using techniques such as weaving and knitting.

In the end all that matters is that it looks damn good, and has the ability to transplant us to the peaceful island of our vacation dreams just by carrying it!

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