Store Locations

Studio Store
110 Dizengoff St. Tel-Aviv
By appointment only
Tel. +972.52.6202628 | +972.52.2746689

Eretz Israel Museum
2 Haim Levanon St. Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv
Museum Shop
Open: Sunday-Thursday 10.00-18.00
Friday 10.00-14.00
Tel. +972.3.7455716
Official Website

9 Ashtori Ha’Parhi St. (off Basel St.) Tel-Aviv
Open: Sunday-Thursday 10.00-20.00
Friday 9.00-16.00
Tel. +972.3.5466993
Official Website

249 Dizingoff St. Tel Aviv
Tel. +972.3.5603911
60 Shenkin St. Tel Aviv
Tel. +972.3.5448911
Open: Sunday-Thursday 10.00-20.30
Friday 10.00-16.30

20 King George St. Tel Aviv
Open: Sunday-Thursday 10.00-20.00
Friday 10.00-15.00
Tel. +972.3.5354933
Official Website

The Israel Museum
11 Ruppin Blvd., Jerusalem
Open: Sun., Mon., Wen., Thur. 9.00-17.00
Tuesday 9.00-21.00
Friday 9.00-14.00
Tel. +972.2.6332556
Official Website
Online Museum Store

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Founded in 2009 by Gili Rozin and Adi Singfer, the Medusa brand represents a young and contemporary urban style that is evident in the collection’s shapes, visibility and materials. The uniqueness of Medusa‚Äôs products is how a industrial material can be manipulated into such a melting-ly soft, natural texture, which adds dimension to your style.

The items are all handmade from processed plastic, through an industrial technique that is not traditionally used for jewelry and accessories. Strong and vibrant colors dominate the items and strengthen the brand’s connection to contemporary fashion. Medusa’s line of products, provides them with a realm in which to express the imagination, their inspirations- nature and the sea.


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