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Maya Shalev’s latest collection is the milk box bag that was inspired by the old milk canisters that were used in the Israeli kibbutzes in the 1950’s. Before the milking factories in the kibbutz they used to milk the cows directly into the big silver milk canister.

The idea came to Maya during the famous cottage cheese protest that took place in Summer ’11 in Israel that kicked off the the social protest all around Israel.

The bag is a mix between canvas and leather, it’s a light easy daily use bag that comes in refreshing colors such as- cognac and chocolate, green grass and gray, and turquoise and red!

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And especially for you, our dear Dreed*Tea readers- you will get 10% off on the new milk box bag, which you can use in her studio shop only. Just print this blog post page and or have it up on your mobile when you visit her shop.

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Where to Shop

For studio shop locations, hours, and online store- visit Maya Shalev’s page here.


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