This hidden gem used to be tucked away on Mercaz Ba’alei Melaha 3, and it has since closed as Guy Gil moved his focus to his new shop on Sheinkin Street, focusing only on his jewelry design.

This headpiece and brown leather necklace are re-purposed eco-chic items hand made by Guy.

We found this rare vintage dress by “Maskit”, one of Israel’s first Haute Couture fashion designer labels! Click here for a history lesson on Israeli fashion in days gone by.

We styled the “Maskit” dress to create an alterna bridal dress with Guy’s hand made headpiece along with a nylon bracelet and garter (that can also be a headband and can be seen on “Tea’s” head as she walks around Tel Aviv’s streets).

In this outfit we take it to the extreme to show you the fun possibilities of putting a look together in his shop. Here we take his colorful gem headpiece and necklace and pair it with a funky ensemble for a Harajuku look. There are more wigs for dress up too!

And here is that same ensemble toned down to how “Dreed” would probably wear it in reality.

Next we paid homage to Marilyn Monroe (from whom the store is named after) with this second hand cotton tee with Marilyn herself on it. Guy’s pink hair flair completes this cute vintage look.

Like most of his unique visions this feather accessory really adds a touch of class.

There are so many small final touches for you to explore as well.

This reminded us of a 50’s flight attendant look straight out of Mad Men!

These pins are made by hand on ceramics. They are faces of classic Hollywood movie stars. We think they look pretty cool!

This recycled handbag is actually the bag you get when you buy something! How eco is that? It’s like a free gift in itself. Each one is hand made by mentally disabled persons, therefore your purchase is also supporting them.

The colors in this dress will be the hype of 2011. This particular vintage style headpiece takes us back to the 40’s Calypso scene.

Here we take the same dress and simplify it and modify the skirt to be shorter.

See more photos (out takes and behind the scenes) from this session here


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