We invited one of our favorite Israeli bloggers, Olya of TLV Birdie, to write for us a “wrap up” of the SUMMER SEASON. At the beginning of the summer she set a challenge for herself: to wear her favorite summer trend – PASTELS – for all of July and August. Here she tells us about how the challenge went and how anyone can wear it any time they want. We still have a few weeks left to enjoy the SUMMER PASTELS so jump to it!

Olya 3

You know what I did last summer. It is not a secret for my TLV Birdie blog readers that I am truly inspired by soft pastel colors in every detail of my life, and I took a challenge to be faithful to myself and wear as much pastel outfits as I could this summer. Hot summer days are all about colorful ice-cream cones, turquoise sea reflections and sun-kissed skin. So why not to blend beautifully into surrounding beauty and add some personal style touches, without cheating on the sun with black and grey (better hide them deep in my closet for the season they belong in). The trick to wearing pastel colors is looking relaxed and chic, but not resemble a marshmallow. The challenge was fun and at times tough, I might have even skipped a day or 2, but I was able to share inspiring “How To Pastel Styling” series for any occasion. I have put together the most delicious outfit memories from this summer, I bet you’ll want to spend the last hot days (last hot month if you’re lucky to be with us in Israel) decked out in the cutest and most cheerful pastel outfits.

Favorite casual pastel look:
fav pastel look1

— Mixing soft denim vest (my best purchase this summer) with watercolor printed tees, non-denim shorts of candy colors, matching accessories and white shiny sneakers —

Favorite relaxed look for Friday flea market walk:
pastel day 6

— Paisley print, nude accessories and milky crochet, put together create a great urban chic outfit

Favorite vintage looking outfit:
pastel day3

— Modern interpretation of tulle dress and pearls (collar) —

Favorite summer floral look in pastels:
pastel day 5

— Classic tea roses mixed with neon touches —

Favorite beach pastel look:
pastel day 7

— Bikini color is too obvious, isn’t it :)

Favorite old-school look for skateboarding:
fav pastel plaid1

— Plaid shirt in pastels and turquoise Toms are the best match —

Favorite look with the season’s new color:
pastel day 4

— This season I learned how to pronounce and wear periwinkle —

Favorite back to work/school pastel outfit:
pastel day 2

— Breaking the rules and mixing pastels with black. As well as birdie print with vintage accessories —

I know I said to save all the dark pieces for winter, but let’s face it – rules are made to be broken! My love for pastels will definitely extend into the cold seasons – Winter pastels challenge is calling my name!

Here are some of my pastel colored picks from the trendiest Israeli designers:

Fringes leather bag – Stella and Lori & Strapless vintage looking swimsuit – Ugly Duckling
Purse Bag

Candy necklace – Lilla My
lilla my

Thanks Olya, we are looking forward to your Winter Pastels Challenge!


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