The answer is FUN! Shop till you drop, party like there is no tomorrow, drink like a sailor with an iron stomach, smoke, sniff, and make love! We gathered some events to ease your last day on earth.

Me’dusa celebrating 3rd anniversary!

When: Friday, December 20 | 10:30am until 4:30pm
Where: Dizzengof 110 at Me’dusa’s studio
♥ 10% of the new jewelery line
♥ 50% of * all * Classic jellyfish jewelry
♥ 40% discount on all bags and purses in the studio
♥ multiple discounts, double deals – only day of the event!
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Fitting Room!

When: December 21-31 (10 days to try it on!)
Where: In Dizengof Center Mall in the ‘DC pop up shop‘ (where The Hellers just had their sample sale), near the SOHO store.
What: Muslin Brothers, First Kiss, Northern Star, and Melloteck– all of them joined forces after competing in the Tel Aviv Fashion Week’s “Up Coming Designer” contest.

FIRSTKISS captures contemporary style, it is a go-to for elegant clothing with an avant-garde edge. From well crafted evening gowns to well tailored day wear. // NORTHEN STAR is made for the ever-growing demand for ready-to-wear yet sophisticated dresses and other garments. Expect innovative textile manipulations. // MELLOTECK is jewelry from textile and contemporary use of metals and inspired by tribal art and the latest runway trends. // MUSLIN BROTHERS is known for it is conceptual casual wear through oversized, colorful and patterned Unisex clothes.

More questions?
+972 52 3216899

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JUL & Lilla My Celebrating 1st anniversary!

Already wrote alll about it here.

Frau Blau

When: On Friday Dec 21
10:00-16:00, and on Saturday Dec 22 10:00-16:00
Where: Flagship store on Ha’hashmal 8, Tel Aviv
What:30-70% off the Winter collection and mulled wine to go with that!
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Finishing with the famous lyrics by R.E.M- It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel FINE! See you on the other side, and we bet you’ll look fab!


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