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Its day 2 here at Tel Aviv Fashion Week and despite the rapidly approaching wall of storm clouds, I have some delicious and cheery news for you all. But before I dish the juicy gossip I must add, while humbly swearing on my shoe collection, that if you don’t have a taste of this you are missing out!

Photo by Yuval Tebol

Photo by Yuval Tebol

This morning I had a bite of Israeli design house Sample, as they revealed their Fall/Winter 2015 collection. For a menswear as womenswear groupie and leather avec silk feen, I am just dying to try on about every single piece that was shown. For starters, the rouge-brown leather, cap sleeve shift followed by earth toned, floral blouses paired with camel slacks and chunky, peek-a-boo sided oxfords, took not only myself but also minimalism over the edge and onto the next level. In my opinion, Sample could, should, and keep your fingers crossed, eventually will debut their knack for refined, classic, and subliminally sexy ready-to-wear design at each and every style capital around the world.


Frankly, designers like Sample are such a tremendous breathe of fresh air in the Israeli fashion industry. Not only do they have the makings and ingenuity to rank among luxury labels like Chloe, Alexander Wang, and Proenza Schouler; but they have a little something-something within their production process that far too many Israeli fashioneers have yet to catch on to.

Even Sample's swag was a winner- a white chocolate egg with an emergency sewing kit inside!

Even Sample’s swag was a winner- a white chocolate egg with an emergency sewing kit inside!

So with that, what holds the secret to a beautifully crafted and wearable end result? Hours upon hours of research, product development, and a detail orientated eye for refinement. When combined with natural talent and an understanding of the human form, this mixture of accrued skill and workmanship is the basic formula for producing any high fashion, haute couture, luxury, or flat out desirable garment. So as far as the A, B, C’s of fashion forward design go, I’m placing my bet on Sample to be Israel’s next big thing since Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz.

Ta-ta for now.
xx, RB


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