With much thanks to one of Israel’s classics, Sasson Kedem, has taken my runway virginity with his Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. Layers upon layers of rich knits drape themselves over each models’ wispy frame, as my mind fast forwards to a colder season where I could curl up into one of his designs.

sasson kedem gindi fashion week 2014

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His work, by trade is geared towards an ever so slightly ‘mature +’ population. However mixed between the woolen folds, lay a jacket or two that did more than catch my eye. With sleeves flowing long past the fingertips and collars fit for Cruella Deville, Sasson Kedem captured my ideal fairy-tale effect blazer in none other than brocade and wool. Can you say chic and warm?

Sasson Kedem Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2014

However Mr. Sasson, I do have one bone to pick with you… In my last editorial “Parachute Pants,” I played devil’s advocate against the sagging crotch trend of Harem Pants and Mr. Sasson not only did you showcase P-Pants, but you have added a new ‘no-no’ or two to my list – Parachute Suits and Circus Tent-er-Alls. Yes, the first image that comes to your mind is probably correct. A woolen, full-body jump suit or overalls, both with crotches that dangle much farther than they should. Since this was my first show, I shall not take the Anna Wintour offensive on Sasson’s collection as the majority of pieces showed immense refinement for an age group simply far beyond my years. Kolah Ka’vod Kedem Sasson.

Show closing set to moody remix of 'Sound of Silence'

Show closing set to moody remix of ‘Sound of Silence’


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