What is more crazy than the buzz of 50+ journalists all fighting for electrical plugs at Tel Aviv’s Gindi Fashion Week? As of right now… NOTHING and have no fear fashion addicts of the world, Dreed*Tea is here to give you all the in’s and out’s of TLVFW 2014 with a personal touch sure to make you feel like you’re sitting front row.


Impatiently awaiting my first catwalk EVER, I am joined by none other than Daina Reed and Sonya Golod, the founding fantastics of Dreed*Tea, as they cover the week from head to toe. With every coy glance my mouth begins to gape even farther, I have never seen a sight like this. So here’s a little literary style porn to feast your imagination on – what I consider that best thing that has happened to neck-wear since, well ever…


Much thanks to Yael Keila Sagi, my neck is provocatively adorned by hardware so edgy and chic that even Coco Chanel herself would come back from the dead to get her hands on one. Industrial rope strung into tassels, entwined by silver chain. My heart rate starts to rush with even the slightest glance at the posse of matching metallic orbs dangling off my neck. Across the table, on the napes of my mentors, hang 2 more wickedly crafted ornaments teasing my eyes with the sweet seduction of effortless style.

I must bid you all adieu as Daina is about to whisk me away to fashion wonderland.



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