She is your best friend, you do everything together, you know everything about each other. You even plan to grow old together (who needs those pesky men), So spoil her!

what to buy your girlfriend for a holiday christmas hanukah gift
1. Juicy Couture Naughty or Nice Spinner Necklace, $29.99 // 2. I Love Cupcakes gift box // 3. Duchess iPad case (more colors), $89.95 // 4. Osnat Har Noy diamond shaped pendant, $71.90 // 5. Sharon Brunsher scented candle, hand made patchouli / vanilla / lavender scented candle. Comes in a golden metal package. Made in Israel, 49.50 NIS // 6. SPRING‘s reed diffuser for Christmas with Christmas tree design // 7. Get lost in Anna Kopito’s inspiring hotspots in Tel Aviv, 6 EUR


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