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We were thinking to ourselves: “What special post can we do for this holiday season?” We have done gift guides and styling guides…. we want new and exciting! There were many fashion ideas floating around, and then it hit us: “Food! – It is the one unifying and unmistakable theme behind Pesach and Easter!” But Dreed*Tea is all about design (fashion or otherwise), and we wanted to show “food” in a design context.

So here we present to you Dread*Tea guide for Beautiful, Spring themed holiday table settings. Enjoy!

Follow these 5 Simple Tips

1 Fresh Flowers – depending on the look you are trying to achieve go for pale and monotone or bright and colorful.
2 Table Covering – pick out simple and chic table cloths or go for a bare look if your table top will allow it.
3 Outdoor elements – the simplest way to achieve this? Set up your table outside, its the perfect time of year for it.
4 Bring in Candles – simple arrangements of tea candles and/or pillars and/or candle sticks.
5 Matching place settings – matchy matchy is back in AND its easy, no more racking your brains on what goes with what.

There’s more where that came from

Check out our table inspiration at our Pinterest board


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