1. Emilio Cavallini (available thru Zohara), tights with black bows design // 2. TOPSHOP, Feather coat by Rare Opulence // 3. Mullet cocktail dress, ZARA // 4. Ayala Paper Designs, 1932 vintage retro paper Handbag with Plastic Handles // 5. TOPSHOP, Purple booties // 6. Funky colored plastic art necklace, Guy Gil // 7. Ladies Mini Fingerless Leather Half Gloves, Ebay

Purple Rain meets modern day fashionista adorned with feathers and bows! “Dig if you will a picture…” Lol, Happy Holidays and welcome, nearly to 2012! Ok, so I totally couldn’t resist this crazy-fun holiday look filled with what I think is some old-school funk added with a dash of flair. To me it’s all about the electric purple booties from Topshop paired with Zohara’s awesomely fabulous bow tights! There is no way that your man, whomever he may, be could miss you across a crowded room in this outfit! And who could miss the “Sex and The City”, Sarah Jessica Parker asymmetrical gloves that match purrrrfectly with Zara’s modern version to the little black dress? Basically this outfit to me screams, “there’s no way your NOT gonna have fun at the party tonight in this outfit”! Too long? Hee hee. Anyways I’m sayin’, while dressing yourself up in all of these terrifically eye-popping pieces put on your favourite music, crack a bottle off pre-party wine and dance your little heart out all around your apartment as you get ready for what I’m sure will be a night to remember!


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