The much anticipated Opening night of the “Second Fashion Week” (AKA ‘Gindi TLV Fashion Week‘) has arrived! The mysterious event (any news of the event was off the radar ’till practically hours before the opening night) was the place to be! Guests entered into an impressive ‘foyer’ and were greeted by a view of the Gindi fashion mall construction site where workers were finishing the day’s work. A giant disco ball hung from a crane as lights danced across the landscape of what is to be the next grand mall / apartment towers in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Dreed*Tea’s Sonya and Daina

Hors d’oeuvres including strips of sienta wet the appetite on one’s way to the opulent lounge area complete with designer lighting, mirrored tables, sequined pillows, and live orchids. Several bars offered *FREE* cava, wine and other alcoholic beverages — PLUS an ‘Arcaffe’ cafe and sushi kiosks. In the following days this area served as the waiting lounge between shows (spaced about 2 hrs apart).

Back to the Opening night – We arrived happily to our seats after 4 glasses of wine and some delicious food. First came the opening speeches (blah) and a sexy promo (set to a song I can’t get out of my head) of models marching on to the construction site dressed to the nines in the finest Israeli couture, “building” the aforementioned fashion mall before our eyes. Then to our delight- all of Israel’s ‘who’s who’ strutted their real, sexy, unique selves in an eclectic mix of Israeli designer and retail clothing. All this was set to the backdrop of a live orchestra. Esti Ginzberg opened the show, while Bar Rafaeli closed the show presenting Fox brand retail chain slogan tee “Basic is Beautiful” and denim jeans. The two wholesome blondes are top Israeli models and are often compared to one another.

Opening promo for Gindi Fashion Week (Mall Project)

‘Fashion Icons’ opening at Gindi TLV Fashion Week

After the opening show the party continued in the lounge with drinking and dancing, and plenty of photo ops with bloggers, journalists and designers. Over the boom of the music one could make out the “oohs and ahhs” over everyone’s outfits for the evening!

Dreed*Tea founder and CEO, Michell Halpern in her Maria Berman jacket and JUD backpack

Matryoshka Michal Portman in “Rocket Dress” by Pioo Pioo

The lovely Korin from Ya Salam in a vintage 20s corset

“First” VS. “Second” Fashion Week

It was big news that the two partners of last year’s “first fashion week” in over 30 years parted ways to produce two separate shows this year. Though there is a trend to choose sides – ‘Team Moti’ or ‘Team Ophir’- we maintain a neutral stance (think of us as Switzerland!). Each had completely different vibes.

Gindi Fashion week was held on an actual construction site so the sprawling relaxed complex of the Ha’tachana complete with it’s choice of cafes, restaurants, and shopping conveniences was missed. There wasn’t really anywhere to go unless you hiked it. However, there was no nee since everything came to you.

As an American who has attended New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and as an Israeli citizen of 10 years, I can report with confidence that Gindi fashion week was most in-line with the Israeli way of life, and that attitude was definitely projected onto the foreign guests. Gindi’s opening night, and the following days more closely represented a posh wedding reception true to Israeli tendency to the flashy, whereas Ophir Lev’s “first fashion week” AKA ‘Tel Aviv Fashion Week‘ last November in the Ha’tachana complex resembled a less flashy, more streamlined vibe which may have been more conducive to working and commerce- of course, depending on your style of business, networking, and personality type.

Day 1- Shai Shalom Menswear design opens the day

The first day after the opening started with Shai Shalom, a menswear designer. The colorful collection ran the gamut of the rainbow and faded from pastel orange, pink, yellow, green, multicolored, to classic red, white, and blue. It is clearly directed to the European market, or one might say “Chuck Bass”. Super fit, tailored, beachy ensembles were completed with white leather loafers and color blocked beach tote bags.

More coverage will be uploaded to the site over the next few days!


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