Fishndag 2012 Gindi Hagit Wisman

This year marked the first time wedding dress designer, Hagit Witman of Fishndag, produced a collection that proves bridal can be done differently! It debuted at Gindi fashion week and surprised us with its innovative and conceptual ideas that blur the boundaries between bridal and custom tailored evening-wear and casual clothes. Something for every type of modern-day bride, finally!

Witman’s creative inspiration seems to have come from challenging her perspective on wedding design. This culminated in a collection based on fantasy and clichés with a touch of reality. The mostly black and white collection was inspired by both the feminine (dainty wedding dresses) and the masculine (tailored groom’s suits).

The most fitting name we could think of for the show was “Ice Queen“. It began with a fantasy of a wedding dress, the “feminine” part of the collection; white and billowy the dresses floated down the runway, constructed from knit, silk and lace fabrics, with puffed skirts and sleeves with exaggerated proportions. Followed by the masculine, with more structured and angular clothing. Here the color black was introduced along with slight pops of neon, so light and transparent that one had to wonder: “Did I just see that? Or imagine it”. The ice fantasy of the show really came through.

Alongside the geometric cut dresses, Witman showed elegantly tailored light suits, and also played with the idea of layering for evening looks, beautifully represented in the “tuxedo” look. In this collection she was able to create an androgynous combination of bride and bridegroom.

Materials and techniques

Witman turned the “wedding idea” on its head; she used classic tailoring for bridal dresses, and blurred the lines between black and white to create a more ‘patchy’ feel by trickling black Japanese ink on fabrics. The clothes were ‘stained’ with paint by hand, and a new lace texture was created by meticulously collaging various lace patterns into one garment.

What gave the collection the other-worldly, fantastical feel were the styling and accessories. The makeup was spot on for an Ice-queen, with exaggerated eyes in the same shade of neon yellow-green as the pops of color in the clothes. The headwear and jewelry were created by the masterful Idit Barak, who wanted to give us a representation of diamonds from every angle. What bride or Ice Queen would not want that?

Additional credits

Shoes: Maya Glazer from “Myka”
The shoes worn in the fashion show were created in cooperation between Witman and Glazer.
Stylist:Eyal Azarzar

Where to shop

Brides show-room: 17 Masarik sq., Tel Aviv | +972-3-5222777


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