Israel’s Fash & Tech Meetup group put on a fab display of Israel’s fashion startups embedded in the heart of the DLD Innovation Festival– Rothschild Blvd. DLD Week attracts global entrepreneurs and investors alike to network in the ‘start up nation’s’ talent pool.

Tuesday September 14th, Rothschild street was transformed into a South Beach-esque promenade with colorful neon light displays to delight both locals and international guests alike. Where the hip bohemian Shenkin street meets Rothschild, a dozen of burgeoning fashion startups set up booths around a red carpet runway to both attract investors attention and demonstrate to potential users how they’re changing the fashion industry as we know it.


The fashion shows displayed Israeli fashion designers such as Tovale, Tamara Salem and Ido Recanati, with upcoming young designers from the event’s partner- Studio 6B fashion school. Of course no FashTech runway show could be complete without Google glass. Most won’t be sporting these futuristic frames until they are actually in fashion and allow them “…to act like a cyborg while still looking cool“.


The most interactive aspect was that attendees could vote on the music of the venue via SevenPop‘s App, an Israeli based app that works like a social jukebox. How many times have you sat for hours in a cafe and heard the CD repeat and wish there was a way you had a say on what was played?!

Fitterli is fresh out of the gate aims to solve the problem of fit when buying online. However one would need to find a body scanner station that creates your custom avatar first. Other contenders Fitterli faces are Acustom, a menswear brand showroom for purchases made only online. Then there is also Bodi.me– to name just a few. It wasn’t clear Fitterli’s differentiation and all of these companies seem to rely on the same company behind actually making the booth scanner- tc2. Fitterli was selected for the IBM Business Challenge Europe 2014, so I trust they are on to something. Let’s hope Fitterli can get us women ordering the perfect tailored pieces or jeans that we are so reluctant to order online- or perhaps even a tailored t-shirt à la Jennifer Aniston!


Zeekit offers instant gratification of seeing how a garment looks on you, but it doesn’t really solve fit. Users might find this very useful still to see if a certain color or style suited their face and body type, though vaguely. It’s still in closed beta.

Photo courtesy of TechCrunch

Donde App, Photo courtesy of TechCrunch

Donde aims to be the Google of fashion search and presented at TechCrunch Disrupt. Their prototype is only geared to dresses so far, and has some usability issues, but impresses. It’s a successful demonstration of how searching clothing will soon become more visual and bring only the results of the exact sleeve, neckline, etc you may want. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google buys them out.

Founder Inbar Carmel of Infime (left)

Founder Inbar Carmel of Infime (left)

Infime helps you find your favorite underwear, though the website hasn’t even launched, this looks promising and unique even though a competition is plentiful with online-only brands like MeUndies and THINX to name just a few. With so many online companies changing how we shop for bras– Infime addresses your undies, possibly even more important than bras! Infime promises to easily sort by your style and fit and curates luxury-like materials such as eco-friendly bamboo.

Maya Kramer of Stylit (left) and Vika Kanar (Bottom Line Consulting)

Maya Kramer of Stylit (left) and Vika Kanar (Bottom Line Consulting)

Stylit was also on the scene (and I’m a long time user). It’s smart algorithm actually lears your style preferences and over a few months their stylists created looks more suited to your tastes. It’s a great style education for those looking to be more aware and make better buying decisions. Since most of the clothes featured are not easy to have shipped to Israel, we can’t enjoy it here how it was intended. Most of the items are from fast fashion brands so their user base is probably mostly under thirty five who aren’t too set in their uniform of luxury items yet.


Other companies present, definitely worth checking out:
Doogma – Interactive e-commerce solution, which allows to personalize and customize design
WiShi – Social styling platform for uploading items from one’s real closet and get personal styling
Citymize – Location based shopping planner platform, enabling shoppers to explore local boutiques, follow their favorite brands and discover new sales
MyClique – Interactive social commerce solution using chat applications
Second Skin – Innovative textile based on reused plastic, by designer Elinor Rozental

The event, organized by the Fash & Tech Meetup group (led by Yael Kochman and Netta Stavinsky) and Bottom Line Consulting, is part of the municipality’s “From Plaza to Plaza” initiative.


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