For the fashion aware, a slutty costume from a bag is just not gonna cut it. The fashion webs have been buzzing with stylish costume ideas that go beyond halloween, and Dreed*Tea has definitely got the memo! So for those looking for a chic, refined, fashion forward look, we came up with mood boards using local designers to bring you the kookiest finds. Let your imagination run wild! Who will you be: Dita Von Teese, Victorian zombie, jungle goddess, mysterious creature, or just plain looking over the top? The key is to use your creativity- who cares if no one can figure out WHAT you are!

1. Efrat Cassouto // 2. Stardust by Jasmin Negrin // 3. Yosef // 4. Liat Dahan Store (Shoes by United Nude) // 5. Efrat Cassouto // 6. Two2Two

1. Liat Dahan // 2. Naama Bezalel // 3. Stardust // 4. Liat Dahan

1. Yosef // 2. Efrat Cassouto // 3. Yosef //4. Liat Ginzburg // 5. Efrat Cassouto // 6. Guy Gil

1. & 2.Greyhound Original avaliable at Keren Ve Michal in Tel Aviv // 3. Eva Mendelbaum // 4. Keren Wolf // 5. Liat Dahan Store (Shoes by United Nude)


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